Bert M. Ohnemüller

If you want to be good, you have to get better.


High Performance
Business Coach.

High performance plays an increasingly important role in the age of digitalization and globalization.
In order to achieve measurable and lasting peak performance, the "human system" and its basic emotional needs must be understood. As soon as one's own basic needs are recognized and the right priorities are set, every human being is able to unfold his full potential.


Only those who understand people and themselves can develop their full potential permanently.


Bert Martin Ohnemüller looks back on three decades of experience in marketing and sales.
In his lectures, Ohnemüller recounts his learnings from practice, brain research, and evolutionary biology about dealing with people and himself. He wants to pass on his life's success and sees himself as a bridge-builder between business and humanity. 



I have a dream.


I am an incorrigible romantic who dreams of a world in which people are passionate about what they do.

I am talking about a world that is defined by cooperation instead of confrontation. I am convinced that such a world can arise when we begin to listen even more to our hearts and to trust the wisdom of our inner voice even more.




Bert M. Ohnemüller


In his latest book: LEAD SPEAK INSPIRE he passes on his personal success in life and presents practical tips and authentic examples to unlock hidden wishes and dreams within every one of us. And that it is never too late to set out to fulfilment in life and at work. It is a source of inspiration for the "Decade of Humanity" ahead of us, which demands new perspectives on leadership, teams and corporate success.


Listen to the audiobook (currently only in German)


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